CFW 2015 Total Fashion




Kingston, Jamaica will come alive this June 6-15 as the city is completely immersed in fashion. Not only will the work of the region’s best designers be on show, but everything from the foods we eat, the holistic care of mind and body, what we wear, how we live and how we rock our style, will be reflected in this year’s CFW, as the event focuses on Total Fashion.


This expanded approach will be reflected in new partnerships with our best restaurants, bars, gyms, spas and all lifestyle related entities, in what is expected to be a spectacular staging of the 15th anniversary of CFW. The Total Fashion celebration will culminate in brilliant collections and a major concert performance from Billy Ocean and other music superstars. At CFW, fashion is more than clothing, it’s a lifestyle!


We invite you to be a part of this incredible fashion experience. Participate and celebrate!